le coeur de paon- the peacock heart
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"Words matter, heart filled thoughts can touch and energy vibrates through creativity...."

Life is hard. In a world of snap-chat and 'instant-grat' we have lost the sacred art form of tangible, love-infused communication and thoughtfulness. Through life's swirling spinning pits and perfection, I have always been a lover of words and creativity. In a simple attempt to comfort a friend in a hard time without being "too invasive", le coeur de paon was born. 

"Poetic Paintings", or more precisely, original quotes on original photography painted onto canvas adorned with healing stones and sealed with personalized intention and love through meditation and/or prayer. 




Be it a one-of-a-kind personalized gift that tells the perfect someone not just THAT you are thinking of them, but how and why and regarding what. A piece of art is forever. Unique is rare in our mass-machine produced culture of synthetic sincerity. 

I can't change the world, or slow down how fast we are connecting each other, but maybe one piece at a time, we can remind each other. 



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